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I specialize in 2D Art & Animation, covering both hand-drawn work and pixel art. Over the course of my career, I've gained a diverse set of skills in game development and animation.

Since 2017, I've had the opportunity to work in both AAA and Indie sectors, which has provided me with valuable experience. With more than a decade of professional artistic experience, I have a strong foundation in the industry.

I've had the pleasure of leading the creation, direction, and production of the video game properties "Chenso Club" and "Hayfever," both of which have been successfully released on PC and major gaming consoles.

As a co-founder of Pixadome, my primary role was serving as the Art Director. However, I've also taken on various responsibilities and contributed in different capacities throughout my time there.

In my free time, I enjoy working on various animation and game projects by myself.


- Art Director & Co-founded Pixadome

- Directed & Created the ip for Chenso Club

- Directed & Created the ip for Hayfever

- Storyboarding for MeatCanyon

- First Animator at Sharkmob (VtM:Bloodhunt)

- Pixel Artist on Gravity Circuit

- Animator & Artist for WhyKev

- Video Editor + Art Direction Advisor on It's Dark Inside

- Pixel Artist + UI Animation on Hooja (The Game)

- Animator for VRUnicorns

- Game Artist graduate from The Game Assembly '15

- Freelance artist/animator since 2010


2D Animation (full process), Pixel Art, Illustration, Concept art, Storyboarding, Character design, Art Directing, 3D Animation,

Motion Capture, Producing (Agile/Scrum), Level Design, Game Design, GML, Trailers/Video Editing, Leadership


Game engines:

Unity, Unreal, Gamemaker (+GML)

Art & Animation:

Aseprite, Photoshop, ToonBoom, Adobe Animate, Clip Studio, Spine, Krita, Crocotile, Maya, Motion Builder, Xsens

Other Production Tools:

Sony Vegas, Jira/Asana, Perforce/Sourcetree/Git

Shoot me a message (or pictures of your pets) if you want!