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My area of specialization lies within 2D Art & Animation, encompassing both hand-drawn work and pixel art. However, I have acquired a diverse range of skills in the field of game development throughout my career.

Since 2017, I have had the privilege of working in both AAA (as an animator) and Indie (performing various roles) sectors, accumulating valuable experience. With over a decade of professional artistic experience, I possess a solid foundation in the industry.

I have spearheaded the creation, direction, and production of the video game properties "Chenso Club" and "Hayfever," both of which have been successfully released on PC and major gaming consoles.

As a co-founder of Pixadome, my primary role revolved around serving as the Art Director. However, I have taken on multiple responsibilities and contributed in various capacities throughout my tenure.

During my leisure time, I make animation and game projects by myself.


- Art Director & Co-founded Pixadome

- Directed & Created the ip for Chenso Club

- Directed & Created the ip for Hayfever

- First Animator at Sharkmob (VtM:Bloodhunt)

- Pixel Artist on Gravity Circuit

- Animator & Artist for WhyKev

- Video Editor + Art Direction Advisor on It's Dark Inside

- Pixel Artist + UI Animation on Hooja (The Game)

- Animator for VRUnicorns

- Game Artist graduate from The Game Assembly '15

- Freelance artist/animator since 2010


2D Animation, Pixel Art, Illustration, Concept art, Character design,

Art Directing, 3D Animation, Motion Capture, Producing (Agile/Scrum), Level Design, Game Design, GML, Trailers/Video Editing, Leadership


Game engines:

Unity, Unreal, Gamemaker (+GML)

Art & Animation:

Aseprite, Photoshop, ToonBoom, Adobe Animate, Clip Studio, Spine, Krita, Crocotile, Maya, Motion Builder, Xsens

Other Production Tools:

Sony Vegas, Jira/Asana, Perforce/Sourcetree/Git

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