Creative Professional since 2010



Greetings! I’m Conny Nordlund!

I specialize in 2D Art & Animation, covering both hand-drawn work and pixel art. Over the course of my career, I’ve gained a diverse set of skills in game development and animation.

Since 2017, I’ve had the opportunity to work in both AAA and Indie sectors, which has provided me with valuable experience. With more than a decade of professional artistic experience, I have a strong foundation in the industry.

I’ve had the pleasure of leading the creation, direction, and production of the video game properties “Chenso Club” and “Hayfever,” both of which have been successfully released on PC and major gaming consoles.

As a co-founder of Pixadome, my primary role was serving as the Art Director. However, I’ve also taken on various responsibilities and contributed in different capacities throughout my time there.

In my free time, I enjoy working on various animation and game projects by myself.

I’m also a big horror fan.

Skills & Software Knowledge

2D Animation, Storyboarding, Pixel Art, Illustration, Concept art, Character design, Directing, 3D Animation, Script Writing, Motion Capture, Producing (Agile/Scrum), Level Design, Game Design, GML, Trailers/Video Editing, Leadership, Storytelling, Rigging, Marketing assets.

Unity, Unreal, Gamemaker (+GML)

ToonBoom Harmony, Storyboard Pro, Adobe Animate, Spine,
Aseprite, Photoshop, Clip Studio, Procreate, Krita, Crocotile,
Maya, Motion Builder, Xsens

Sony Vegas, Jira/Asana, Perforce/Sourcetree/Git



Puzzle & Sling: Boredom KillersAdditional Animation2024Toastcrumch
Nostalgia – Melvins MacabreAnimator2023Meat Canyon
TBA – NDAAnimatorIn ProductionTBA – NDA
Crowfeather 32:2:1Sole CreatorIn ProductionKoniWorx


RadTad And The Slobbery SixArtist/AnimatorIn ProductionHeck Yeah Games
TBA – NDATBA – NDAIn ProductionShe Was Such A Good Horse
Big Boy BoxingArtist & AnimatorIn ProductionSoupmasters
Hooja (The Game)Pixel Artist2023Hooja
Bullet CastersAssisted Art Direction2023Last Credit Games
Gravity CircuitPixel Artist2022Domesticated Ant Games
It’s Dark InsideVideo Editor & Assistant Art DirectorCanceledPixadome
Chenso ClubDirector & Artist/Animator2022Pixadome
VtM – Bloodhunt3D Animator2021Sharkmob
HayfeverDirector & Artist/Animator2020Pixadome
Corvid EngineSole CreatorOn HoldKoniWorx
CrowfeatherSole CreatorCanceledKoniWorx
IHaveToPoop dot EXESole Creator2017KoniWorx
#Archery3D Animator2015VR Unicorns
#SkiJump3D Animator2015VR Unicorns

Jams & School

DunkenLevel Design2022Game Jam
Fingering PumpkinsArt & Audio2021Game Jam
Captain DraculaArt & Animation2020Game Jam
A Cup’s LifeArt & Animation2019Game Jam
Disco DeathmatchArt & Animation 2017Game Jam
Disaster BabyArt & Animation2017Game Jam
Hayfever ClassicArt & Animation2017Game Jam
Kahu MokuAnimation, Rigs, Concept art2017School (The Game Assembly)
Machine ReaperAnimation & Rigs2017School (The Game Assembly)
NecromonkAnimation & Rigs2017School (The Game Assembly)
Waste Warrior3D Art & Designs2017School (The Game Assembly)
The King’s FinestAnimation, Rigs, Sprites2016School (The Game Assembly)
Kindered SoulsAnimation, Tilesets2016School (The Game Assembly)
Les MursAnimation, Character Design, Art2016School (The Game Assembly)
Settlers of HozanekBackgrounds & Concept art2015School (The Game Assembly)

Misc stuff

The (on going) Story of KoniSole CreatorReleased / In ProductionOn going illustrated biography
Co-Founded PixadomeCo-Founder2017 – 2023