Big Boy Boxing (Present)

Client: Soupmasters

Role: Animator / Pixel Artist (Contract)

Soupmasters got me on board to do hand drawn animation (+ symbol/object based workflows) for their characters, along with cinematic storyboard work for the cutscenes in between matches. I also helped Soupmasters in refining their animation work pipeline.

Gravity Circuit (2022)

Client: Domesticated Ant Games

Role: Pixel Artist (Freelance)

Domesticated Ants reached out to me during their last months of production to do backgrounds and pixel art sprite work for their game. I spent 5 months creating the majority of assets for the final stage, as well as the opening stage.

Chenso Club (2022)

Client: Pixadome

Role: Art Director & Pixel Artist/Animator (Full-time)

I worked as the Director and Artist/Animator on the project. Doing a lot of different generalist things as well, like game design, level design and so on. I created all the promotional artwork for this game along with all the characters.

One of the game's characters, Plum, became a viral hit on ESA Marathon. Her popularity reached multiple regions and became an official ESA mascot.

VtM:Bloodhunt (2021)

Client: Sharkmob

Role: 3D Animator (Full-time)

Worked as a full-time 3D animator for around 3 years on Vampire the Masquerade. I've created a lot of different vampire movesets, locomotions, NPC's, face animation, and even some mocap acting. I was also the first animator at Sharkmob/Bloodhunt.

Hayfever (2020)

Client: Pixadome

Role: Art Director & Pixel Artist/Animator (Part-time)

Indie game that I directed, animated, pixeled, level designed.. I had my hands in most things except code, sfx and music. The game has won "Arctic Game Pitch" and "Big Indie Pitch" awarding us trips to places like Gamescom. It was also a semi-finalist in Tencent's Competition "Game Without Borders".


"Torture Janitor" (Present)


This project is currently in development. It's the first smaller game being tested out using the "Corvid Engine". It's not yet fully announced.

Corvid Engine (Present)

After canceling my project "Crowfeather", I felt that throwing away all that work would be wasteful. So I rebuilt the framework to be much easier and fun to use. It's designed to create RPG-like/Point & Click/Choose your own adventure games.

Crowfeather (2022)


This was my first real solo game project. The game's story has been in development for much longer than the actual game. I learned programming while making this and I worked on and off on this project for about two years. I might return to this project one day because I like the universe in which the story takes place.

IHaveToPoop dot EXE (2017)

This was my very first time diving into programming. It's a masterful piece of artwork that should forever be remembered through out history.


These are gigs and projects that are either really old or too small for a main gallery, but worth showcasing.




    (2016) Animation, Character Design & Art